Equipment Loaner Program

Loaner Requirements


Telescope Accessories

SteadyPix Quick Orion SteadyPix Quick Smartphone Telescope Adapter.
$25.00 new.

Beginner GoTo Telescope

ETX60AT Meade ETX-60AT refractor GOTO with Tripod.
Excellent for viewing the Moon!
$185.00 new.
Meade ETX-60AT Refractor w/Tripod Value
ETX Hard case
ETX 60 Hand Controller
Two Bolts for Attaching Telescope to Tripod
Meade 4000 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece
Meade ETX 60 Telescope Manual

Beginners Tabletop Telescope

StarBlast6 Orion 6" Starblast Dobsonian Reflector.
Usually comes with 10mm and 25mm Plossl.
Excellent for viewing Moon, Planets, Double Stars!
$300.00 new.
Orion StarBlast 6" Tabletop Telescope w/Front Cover Value
Soft case for telescope
Orion EZ Finder 2
Eyepieces Case
Orion Sirius Plossl 40mm eyepiece
Orion Sirius Plossl 17mm eyepiece
Orion Sirius Plossl 10mm eyepiece
Orion Sirius Plossl 7.5mm eyepiece
Orion Sirius Plossl 6.3mm eyepiece
Orion Shorty 2X Barlow
Filter, #12 Yellow
Filter, #23 Orange
Filter, #58 Green
Filter, #80A Blue
Filter, #25 Red
Filter, #96-0.9 Neutral Density
Manual for Orion StarBlast
Eyepiece button collimator

Intermediate Advanced GoTo Telescope

LX90 ACF Robert Brannon Memorial Telescope
Meade LX90-ACF(f/10) 8" SCT GOTO with Tripod.
Focal Length: 2000mm
Excellent for viewing the Moon, Planets, Double Stars, Deep Sky Objects.
$1800.00 new.
Meade LX90 8" Telescope w/Front Cover and TripodValue
DeWalt storage box
Meade 8x50mm finder scope w/end caps
Right Angle Finder Scope w/illuminated reticle
Meade AudioStar hand controller
Meade 1.25" diagonal
Hand controller bracket
Visual Back Adapter from 2" to 1.25"
Meade eyepiece case
Meade #126 2X Barlow
Meade Super Plossl 40mm eyepiece
Meade Super Plossl 32mm eyepiece
Meade Super Plossl 15mm eyepiece
Meade Super Plossl 12.4mm eyepiece
Meade Super Plossl 9.7mm eyepiece
Meade Super Plossl 6.4mm eyepiece
Bolt cases for all eyepieces
Filter, ND96 Moon Filter
C cell batteries for telescope
Manual for LX90 telescope

Intermediate Manual Equitorial Fork Telescope - Heavy!

LX50 ACF Meade LX50-ACF(f/10) 10" SCT Equitorial Fork with Wedge Tripod.
Focal Length: 2500mm
Excellent for viewing the Moon, Planets, Double Stars, Deep Sky Objects.
$???? new. $?? used.

25 years old technology good to learn on.
Meade LX50 10" Telescope w/Front Cover and TripodValue
Meade NSEW hand controller
Mono phone plug for Decliniation Motor
Visual Back 2"
Astro-Physics Maxbright 2" diagonal
Orion Q70 26mm 2" SWA70 eyepiece
Meade 8x50mm finder scope
TelRad Finder
Visual Back Adapter from 2" to 1.25"
Meade 1.25" diagonal
Meade MA 25mm eyepiece
Meade accessory case
Manual for LX50 telescope
Telescope Raincoat Cover

10" Dobsonian Telescope
Latest addition

10 inch DOB Explore Scientific 10" Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope
Focal Length: 1270mm f/5
$1100.00 new
Explore Scientific 10" DobsonianValue
Rocket Box Base
Primary Mirror
Head end
Columation Wrench
Eyepiece 2" ??

Huge Dobsonian Telescope - Heavy!!!
Lots of muscle to transport!

Coulter 13.1 Coulter 13.1 Dobsonian (circa 1980-1984).
Focal Length: 1500mm f/4.5
$500-$600 in it's day. Used $??? these days.
Coulter 13.1 Value
1 Coulter 13.1 Tube
1 Base
1 Mirror
Eyepiece Assortment TBD

Advanced Computerized Telescope - HEAVY!
Not Available For Loan! Used for club outreach events!

Celestron 1100HD(f/10) 11" Telescope CGEM-DX Series Mount with Heavy Duty Pro Tripod
Focal Length: 2800mm
Excellent for Deep Sky Objects.
$4400.00 new.
Celestron 1100HD CGEM-DX w/Pro Tripod Value
Celestron CGEM-DX series Mount
Celestron 1100HD Telescope & Lid
Celestron 9x50mm Finder
NexStar+ Hand Controller
 StarSense AutoAlign Camera
 StarSense Hand Controller
Celestron Pro Series Tripod
3 VSP(Vibration Suppression Pads)
Celestron 2" Diagonal
Celestron 2" 23mm eyepiece
Counter Weight and Rod
Tripod Spreader
Case for OTA
Bag for Tripod
Dew Shield
Manual for CGEM (TBD)
Case Collection of 2" eyepieces TBD

More Telescopes Added in 2021

Equipment Available to High Schools

Equipment Donated to High Schools in 2021

These telescopes were given to the club by people who no longer wanted them. Some said we can do whatever we want with them... use them, loan them out, give them away, whatever. After several years, no member has ever requested to check one out, even though reminded of their availability quite often. So the board has authorized the Equipment Directory/VP, Mark, to see if any high school science department would like any of them. Before we could donate them we needed a vote of the general membership authorizing the desposition of these telescopes. The general membership voted unamiously to donate the telescopes to High Schools.

Manual Equatorial Newtonian 4-1/2" Telescope

11TR Tasco 11TR Newtonian with Equatorial Mount and Tripod.
$199-$299 in it's day. Used $20-50 these days.
Tasco 11TR Reflector on Equatorial Mount w/Tripod Value
1 Tasco Red Telescope Body, D=4-1/2
1 Equatorial Mount
2 Adjusting arms
3 Extendable wooden legs
1 Counter weight and Rod
1 Tasco Red 5X Finder scope
1 Tasco 20mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Tasco 2X Barlow (.965)
1 Tripod Spreader
1 Manual (MISSING)

Beginners 60mm Refractor Telescope

Bushnell Bushnell 60mm Refractor and Tripod.
Focal Length: 700mm
Good for viewing the Moon and land based objects.
Can be found used for $35.00
Bushnell 60mm Refractor w/Tripod Value
1 Bushnell Telescope Body, D=60mm
1 Wood Tripod and 2 mounting bolts
1 5X Finder scope
1 15mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Diagonal (.965)
1 Manual (MISSING)

Manual Equatorial 80mm Refractor Telescope

jason324 Jason 324 Refractor with Equatorial Mount and Tripod.
$299-$399 in it's day(1970s). Used $80 these days.
Jason 324 Refractor on Equatorial Mount w/Tripod Value
1 Jason 324 Telescope Body, D=80mm F1200
1 Equatorial Mount
2 Adjusting arms
3 Extendable wooden legs
1 Counter weight and Rod
1 Jason 5X Finder scope
1 Jason Moon Filter
1 Jason 40mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Jason 20mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Jason 12mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Jason 6mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Jason 4mm Eyepiece (.965)
1 Jason 2X Barlow (.965)
1 Tripod Spreader
1 Manual

Home made 8" Newtonian Equatorial Telescope w/clock
TLC to use.

Peisert Peisert Home Made 8" Newtonian with home made Equatorial Peer
Focal Length: ???mm f/??
Good for viewing the Moon, Planets, and DSOs.
Newtonian w/Peer & ClockValue
1 Telescope Body, D=200mm F=????
1 Peer
1 Counter Weight Set (6 pieces)
1 ?? Finder scope
1 25mm Orion Eyepiece
1 9mm Orion Eyepiece